Table of Contents:

1.0 About Legion Noir
  1.1 Goal of Legion Noir

2.0 How to Become a Member
  2.1 What We're Looking For
  2.2 Waiting Period Policy
  2.3 Roster Sign Up

3.0 Etiquette
  3.1 Guidelines
  3.2 Disputes and Arguments
  3.3 Dealing with Issues
   3.4 Officer Diplomacy

4.0 Guild Events
  4.1 Listing of Events


About Legion Noir

 Legion Noir is a family oriented, experienced guild looking to have fun, help new players and enjoy this fantastic game!  Most of our events are based around PST with flexible hours.

The guild was born September 30th, 2007 and was started by my wife and myself (Tidus Dragonarm) for the game Everquest 2.  Over the years we've made a lot of good friends and look forward to making more as we explore new MMOs.  If you're looking for a place to call a home away from home, with a warm atmosphere and an obession for cookies, pie, beer and whiskey...   then we hope to be your new family.

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1.1 Goal of Legion Noir

The objective for Legion Noir is to help facilitate the great experience MMOs offer and create a home for you and your family.  Every aspect of the game will be encouraged for our members with a fun competitive spirit.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be what is known as a "military" guild to be a skillful and competitive guild. While we may not accomplish tasks first nor may we be the best guild on our server, we do aim to be a powerful guild holding skilled players that will allow us to progress in pve and excel in pvp while at the very same time having a good time with each other's company! 

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2.0 How to become a Member

To become a member of Legion Noir, fill out a member application form at our page here after creating a account and submit it. Thats basically it!  In only extreme cases will your response disqualify you from membership.

Realize that all of our members are required to be willing to work together for the guild as a whole. Looking out for your fellow guild mates in any way is strongly encouraged.

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2.1 What We are Looking For

Although this is just a basic guideline, generally the people we are looking for are mature players who enjoy all aspects of an mmorpg: social interaction, pvp, pve and raiding. The optimal individual is also a strong team player who feels a strong affinity for the guild and has an honest desire to help all of us succeed as a whole as much as they wish to help themselves as an individual. This individual should be energetic, cheerful, and also have a good sense of humor and a high tolerance for different ways of thinking and mistakes from time to time.

Realize as a guild member you are the guild. Feel free to give any complaints to the guild leader or officers, we will listen within reason! Also realize you represent our guild, so be careful please! Racist, consistent drama, name calling and just poor general behavior and the like will not be tolerated and will be grounds for expulsion from the guild. 

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2.3 Roster Sign Up

We request that you provide one character name (preferably your main) in our roster.   This character name will be used for all key DKP events, even if you're playing with alts, on signups. This makes it easier for us to track everyone and ensure that they recieve all the points deserved.  It also just makes it easier for us to match your character name to your forum name so we know who you are.

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3.0 Etiquette

3.1 Guidelines

1)  Because this is a family guild we request that you treat all members with the respect and dignity they deserve.  
2)  Vulgar language is tollerated but we do request that it is kept to a minimum and used within reason.  Please be considerate of any children who may be playing or others who request not to listen to vulgar language.
3)  We ask that if you will not be present for a long period of time that you contact one of the officers to inform us.  We do not wish to delete members who had every intention of returning.   To that end we usually provide a 2 week absent period before we delete accounts and dismis you from the guild.  Unlike many other guilds out there,  we do not use absent members as a means to fluff/pad our member totals.
4)  You are strongly encouraged to participate (if capable) in any or all events to help build a better environment for all to feel welcomed to.  Not enough events happening for you?  Feel free to request more.  Example events besides the typical raiding and grouping up we have done in the past are: mount races,  streaking a city,  streaking a raid,  house visits,  public parties,  roleplaying events and more.
5)   Please do not beg for hand outs or demand assistance from anyone. We're all here to help each other in our own time.   If no one can help you when you request it,  this does not mean that you are being ignored or excluded.
6) Stay updated on the homepage at least within 2 week periods.  Lack of website visiting in 2 weeks will result in your dismisal from the guild. Check the news,  check the events,  read the forums.  Non active participation will leave you behind and unaware of the guilds current events.  Many MMO's lack enough MOTD space for all relevant information to be posted hence why we just ask you spend a couple minutes of your time making sure you're up to date on our guild page.
7)   Ventrilo is a requirement for raiding so that we can better communicate with our members.  


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3.2 Disputes and Arguments

We are all human and we will, at some point, disagree with each other. All arguments should be handled discretely. This means you may not spam guild chat, vent, or the forum with insults, accusations and so on. All arguments should be taken to a private location such as tells, pm's or a private ventrillo channel. If you can not resolve an argument please call on an officer. The final word within a dispute is up to the officer to allow fairness.

Note that bashing and drama will not be tolerated! Bashing often escalates from arguments and is when individuals add personal insult to the mix, obviously attempting to personally hurt the other party or parties. Drama gives everyone headaches, is annoying to witness, and ruins the fun for everyone.  

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3.3 Dealing with Issues

We do not want to have to discipline our members, that is something we attempt to strongly avoid and dislike when it is needed. Saying that, hopefully the below section will not be needed often.

The officers are responsible for deciding how to deal with members who break the rules. Officers may warn, demote, or remove members as they see fit. Immediate removal from the guild will only occur in the gravest of circumstances. If possible this should be talked over with the guild leader or other officers when extreme punishment is required such as removal from the guild. Because all officers will have to have proven themself prior to being promoted an officer,  they have been given full confidence in their choices they make.   However,  if you truly feel you've been wrongly accused,  contact the guild leader.

Officers do have the right to use their judgment concerning anything that is not covered here. 

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4.0 Guild Events

Officers and the guild leader will set up events for members of Legion Noir. Members can also set up guild events on their own via the forum and if they speak to an officer we might be able to set it up as an official planned guild event.

No event is mandatory however each planned event will have a signup associated to it on the forum and via the game's signup interface in the Guild GUI. Failing to show up after signing up is frowned upon, though we understand how life is. Please give us a 24 hour or more notice if you cannot make an event. Repeating this multiple times gives us a powerful headache, so for our health try to avoid doing it.

4.1  Listing of Events

  • PvE Raiding
  • PVP (when made available)
  • Parties and Celebrations of Guild Achievements
  • Wild Events such as streaking through towns,  house parties,  races and more.

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